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Spectre cinema services

MGS’ Spectre Cinema Services innovative systems for cinema and theatre emanate from a young team of enthusiastic people who are dedicated to the preservation of theatrical entertainment.

MGS draw together more than 50 years of experience in the fields of cinema and theatre stage engineering, interior decoration and professional cinema projection systems.

Our primary objective is to provide theatrical presentation and movie exhibition with the benefit of our new technology for the attainment of first quality entertainment. New product research and development places MGS products at the forefront of technologically enhanced cinema and theatre industry.

Visual Display Systems

Audiovisual, content management, and image processing technologies, with high-quality AV solutions for cinemas.

Digital Cinema Systems

Innovative, powerful, reliable and cost-effective products creating a seamless world of Digital Cinema.


Award-winning projectors, delivering exceptional image quality, brightness, resolution, contrast and colour. 

Visual Display Systems

Providing exhibitors worldwide with a faster, more user-friendly and flexible theatre management system.

Film Programming